WIND Members: Join Us to Assist Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief

We were all saddened and sickened by the images of the tornado devastation and loss of life in Oklahoma this week.

I was reminded of how we have been involved both personally and professionally in so many similar catastrophic losses over the 14 years since WIND was formed.

Just last year, we saw Sandy strike the Northeast; before that, the floods that overtook Nashville; in 2010, it was the earthquakes that shattered Haiti; and in 2008, Hurricane Ike devastated the Texas coast. In 2007, we saw tornados cut a swath across the center of Florida, and none of us can forget the images imprinted in our hearts and minds by Hurricane Katrina, just one year after multiple hurricanes struck Florida in 2004.

The devastating list of major weather events goes on and on. As a member of the Windstorm Insurance Network, you should be proud of how we have responded over the years. In all of these instances, WIND’s members have stepped up and helped the affected areas rebuild. Our membership has donated over $200,000 to the victims of these natural disasters.

I am writing to you, as a WIND member, for your help in providing financial aid to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado. WIND has done it in the past, and I know we can do it again.

As an organization, WIND will match members’ donations up to $15,000, so please give, if you are able to help those less fortunate and in need. Donations will be sent to the American Red Cross local Oklahoma chapter.

By clicking on the donation button below, you can make an immediate contribution by electronic funds or credit card via PayPal to WIND’s member matching fund for OK Tornado Relief Donations.

Click here to donate via PayPal
Or you can simply send a check made payable to the Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc., and mail to WIND, 2929 Langley Avenue, Ste. 203, Pensacola, Florida 32504. Please note “OK Tornado Relief Donation” on the check.

Unless otherwise advised, WIND will list on our website and social media sites all members/companies that send donations to assist the tornado victims.

Thanks again for stepping up!


Bill Berk
WIND President