WIND Honors Insurance Professionals with Industry Recognition Awards

At the recent 20th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference, two outstanding industry professionals were honored for their contributions to WIND and the property insurance claims industry.

Second Annual Max Mayfield Award

The Second Annual Max Mayfield Award was presented to Daniel Heyer, a forensic engineer, and former founding WIND board member. On hand to present the award was Max Mayfield, former National Hurricane Center Director for whom the award is named.

The Max Mayfield Award recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to windstorm issues and furthers the Windstorm Insurance Network’s goals to connect, learn, and engage in property and windstorm-related initiatives.

Mr. Heyer has an extensive background in roofing and construction-related issues and has been a formative leader in the wind, hurricane, and property damage evaluations. During his 47 year career, he has formed several engineering firms one of which evolved into the present day EFI Global. He has investigated numerous major building failures, among them, the collapse of the Harbor Cay Condominiums in Cocoa Beach, Florida which to this day remains one of the worst construction disasters in the state of Florida’s history.

He has also evaluated damages from explosions to include the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City as well as structures affected by the Northridge earthquake.  

Over the years he has worked nearly 30 hurricanes to include Hurricanes Andrew, Sandy, and Katrina where he was the lead engineering expert in the subrogation efforts from the failure of the roof on the Louisiana Superdome.

Mr. Heyer also holds a United States patent for a device to measure the deflection of building components, such as windows and doors. He has lectured and taught various classes regarding hurricanes, earthquakes, and failures, and has been qualified and testified as an expert in numerous federal, state, and municipal jurisdictions.

10th Annual WIND Presidential Recognition Award

Sharing in the spotlight is Brent Winans, who was named the recipient of the 10th Annual WIND Presidential Recognition Award.

The award was established to recognize annually a member who has contributed significant knowledge, service, and leadership to better the Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND).

Mr. Winans spent the majority of 2018 analyzing and reviewing WIND’s extensive insurance policies and was instrumental in obtaining policies that better reflect WIND’s current and long-term growth.

He has been active in WIND for many years and is a Fellow and a current member of the board of directors.

Mr. Winans serves as the Vice President of Clear Advantage Risk Management in Delray Beach, Florida, a division of the Plastridge Insurance Agency, where he provides fee-based (no insurance sales) risk management consulting services to larger clients and education on insurance agents’ standard of care for attorneys and agents. He has served as an expert witness on both sides of nearly 100 agent E&O cases in 14 states.

In his career, he has worked as both an insurance producer and an insurance buyer. Before moving from Denver to Florida, he was the Director of Risk Management for an international company that included the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team, international mining operations, and the world’s largest broker of nuclear fuel.

Mr. Winans says, “WIND is a unique organization that brings people from all sides of property claims together to make the insurance process perform better for the insured. That is a goal worth working for.”

WIND’s 2018 President, Michael Ruskin, presented the award at the Jan. 31 opening general session of the 20th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference held at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort.

“Both Dan and Brent are true examples of integrity and professionalism in their contributions to the public and WIND. We are proud of present these awards to two deserving leaders who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to further WIND’s mission and goals,” says Ruskin.