WIND Certified Umpires®

WIND Certified Umpire® Online Directory

A publication of professionals serving as umpires in property insurance appraisals.”

WIND Certified Umpire classes are offered at the WIND Conference each year. The next conference is January 29 – February 2, 2017, Renaissance Orlando Sea World, Orlando, Florida. Registration opens Mid-September, 2016.

WIND Certified Umpire® is defined as an individual who has successfully completed the four-hour WIND Umpire Certification Program® AND who has successfully met the guidelines and criteria set forth by WIND to be listed in the current WIND Umpire Directory.®

These guidelines include:

Steps to get you set up as an official WIND 2016 Certified Umpire

1. Complete Course. Done! You completed the course in Feb. 2016.
This class certification period is now good through the end of 2018. WIND membership, online umpire directory application and background security check must be completed annually.

2. Complete the 2016 WIND Umpire Directory Application and pay the annual fee.

3. Complete the quick state background check online. Example: Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Outside of Florida, complete the background check for the state you reside.

We require a background check every year as it protects all parties involved. Thanks for respecting and accepting our needs to have this done annually.

4. Complete the 2016 WIND membership application.

5. You’re done! Once all above steps are completed, you will be added to our WIND Certified Umpire directory for one year. You will be sent an email reminder six weeks in advance of your annual online profile expiring.

You will also be sent a 2016 WIND Re-Certified Umpire Certificate and 2016 online badge (see sample above) that may be used in your personal branding and marketing promotions.

That’s it. We are so glad to have you become a 2016 WIND Certified Umpire. You are among thousands of professionals that have completed this course since 2003.

Please note that it is up to the parties selecting an umpire to check references and credentials and to arrange any payments for services. WIND does not endorse or guarantee the qualifications of any of the listed umpires, nor makes recommendations for any of the listed umpires.