What is the WIND Certified Umpire Program?

The WIND Umpire Certification Program® was introduced in 2003 and is the first curriculum devoted to training professionals who serve as umpires in property insurance appraisals. Each year, hundreds of property insurance claims professionals complete the four-hour WIND Certified Umpire® program classes taught annually at the Windstorm Insurance Conference. Upon completion of the program, professionals further their credentials by successfully meeting the guidelines and criteria to be officially recognized as a WIND Certified Umpire. These steps include an annual call for the application process, state criminal background check, application fee, and current WIND membership.

What is a WIND Certified Umpire?

A WIND Certified Umpire® is an individual who has successfully completed the four-hour WIND Umpire Certification class and who has successfully met the guidelines, qualifications, and application steps set forth by WIND to be officially recognized as a WIND Certified Umpire. These steps include an application process, state criminal background check, application fee, read and agree to the WIND Umpire Ethical Rules and Terms and Conditions, and current WIND membership. Once these steps are completed, the applicant will be listed in the WIND Umpire Certified Directory.

Qualifications for Becoming a WIND Certified Umpire:

1. Must have participated in at least 10 appraisals that resulted in an executed award, having served in at least 5 of those as the umpire. WIND must be provided a list of those appraisals (including only the parties involved and dates; no proprietary or confidential information should be provided).

2. Involved in the insurance claims industry for 10 years (legal, adjusting, contracting, estimating, and appraisal).

3. Complete the four-hour WIND Certified Umpire® or WIND Certified Umpire Recertification® class at an annual or regional Windstorm Insurance Conference. The certification period is active for three years from completion date. For example, if you complete the class in January 2022, your certification period will renew in January 2025.

4. Maintain current WIND Membership. To remain current in the WIND Certified Umpire Directory, be sure to keep your WIND membership current.

5. Complete the WIND Certified Umpire Application and submit a payment of $400 for the three-year certification period.

6. Read and agreed to the WIND Umpire Ethical Rules and the WIND Certified Umpire Terms and Conditions.

7. Complete a security/background check from one of the following: FDLE (Florida residents only), GoodHire, or ClearChecks.

Once these qualifications are met and completed, you will be listed in the WIND Certified Umpire Directory, receive a WIND Certified Umpire certificate, and emailed a logo to use in your marketing materials.

About the WIND Certified Umpire Program & Classes

The program, which includes the WIND Certified Umpire class and the WIND Certified Umpire Recertification class®, is a valuable educational resource for those wanting to further their understanding of the insurance appraisal process. Both classes are presented at the annual Windstorm Insurance Conference, have been taught to thousands of professionals since 2003. The four-hour WIND Certified Umpire® and WIND Certified Umpire Recertification® classes provide the necessary certification to anyone who wishes to be included in the WIND Certified Umpire Directory, or those wanting to further enhance their professional umpire credentials. The classes focus on ethics and professionalism, process, case law, and the “how to” of acting as an umpire, as well as techniques, forms, awards, and more. WIND Certified Umpires must renew their certification every three years by completing the recertification class.

Both classes provide real-life scenarios are utilized to promote discussion of the duties and responsibilities of the umpire. Common issues and problems that often arise during an appraisal are addressed, as well as effective methods and techniques to facilitate an appraisal from beginning to conclusion. The classes also include a discussion of ethical considerations and changes in case law impacting the appraisal process.

Become a WIND Certified Umpire

WIND Certified Umpire Program classes are offered at our annual conference, held in January every year. Be sure to sign up early for this class because the classes fill up quickly. Upon completion of taking the four-hour WIND Certified Umpire class, registrants will have the opportunity to continue to the next steps and be listed on the WIND Certified Umpire directory. The next step requirements are payment of a $400 application fee (for a three-year certification), maintain current WIND membership, and provide a security background check.  

WIND Certified Umpire Ethical Rules

WIND Certified Umpires agree to abide by the Windstorm Insurance Network Ethical Rules for Umpires.   

Questions on WIND Certified Umpires?

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