WIND Certified Appraiser Directory

Established in 2012, the WIND Certified Appraiser Directory is an online listing of qualified and current WIND Certified Appraisers. These individuals have completed the four-hour WIND Appraiser Certification Program® and have successfully met the guidelines and application steps set forth by WIND to be officially recognized as a WIND Certified Appraiser and become listed in the WIND Certified Appraiser Directory.

WIND publishes the WIND Certified Appraiser Directory for informational purposes only. WIND does not endorse or guarantee the qualifications of any of the listed appraisers, nor makes recommendations for any of the listed appraisers. It is up to the parties selecting an appraiser to check references and credentials and to arrange any payments for services. 


Become a WIND Certified Appraiser

Are you a property insurance claims professional interested in the WIND Certified Appraiser Program? We invite you to learn more about becoming a WIND Certified Appraiser

WIND Certified Appraiser Program classes are offered at the WIND Annual Conference. Be sure to get notified of classs dates by emailing

Questions on WIND Certified Appraisers?

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