Where WIND Has Carried Me: Meet Member John Salmon

As part of our 20th anniversary this year, we’re profiling our members on “Where WIND Has Carried Me.” When WIND was formed in 1999, the goal then (and now) is to offer education and industry insight to representatives from all facets of the property/windstorm insurance claims industry.

We’re dedicated to providing education, training, and networking opportunities that bring together property/windstorm claims industry professionals. Together, we can achieve more, do more, be more for the industry and consumers


John Salmon, President, Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution

Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator
Federal Mediator: U.S. Southern District of Florida
Windstorm Insurance Network Fellow
Windstorm Insurance Network Umpire
IAUA Certified Property Insurance Umpire

Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution


I was invited to attend a WIND Conference 18 years ago by a colleague who thought by being there I would learn a great deal about the first party insurance and appraisal area of the law.  The conference was beyond my greatest expectations   Not only did I benefit from the educational opportunities but the friends and contacts I have made over the past many years have allowed me to increase my mediation and umpire business.  It was what one calls a “no-brainer” to become an active member of WIND.

I was very honored to have been named a WIND Fellow at the 2017 Conference.

Immensely.  Being an active member of WIND has allowed me to increase my first party mediation and umpire caseload to where it is now a significant portion of my practice.  The contacts made through the organization have been instrumental in my profession.

I have attended over 15 conferences.  At several conferences, I have been on the faculty teaching or participating as a panel member in many workshops. As stated above, the annual conference is a “must attend” for me and I recommend strongly that the panel members of our firm attend as well. The educational and networking opportunities are invaluable to my practice.

Please see above.  I cannot emphasize enough how these conferences have positively impacted my practice.

There is not much that I can think of that I would change. Perhaps inquiring of the attendees as to the types of workshops that would interest them might increase the topics available.

That it is very much not a “one-sided” organization but truly allows all of us in the industry to interact and connect with each other.

Please join.  The benefits of membership are incredible.

The number of individuals involved in the first party world is continuing to increase. A positive trend that I am beginning to see is earlier engagement by the parties to try and resolve claims.  The continuation of that approach will only help improve the public’s overall impression of our collective profession.