As part of our 20th anniversary in 2019, we’re profiling our members on “Where WIND Has Carried Me.” When WIND was formed in 1999, the goal then (and now) is to offer education and industry insight to representatives from all facets of the property/windstorm insurance claims industry.

We’re dedicated to providing education, training, and networking opportunities that bring together property/windstorm claims industry professionals. Together, we can achieve more, do more, be more for the industry and consumers

Where WIND Has Carried Me Profile: John Walker, Jr.

Independent Adjuster

MAS Solutions, Everett, WA 


A member of WIND let me know of the training and certification for appraisal clause. I had already handled many appraisal clauses 95% of the insurance claims industry doesn’t know how the appraisal clause works. I wanted to become an expert in the arena so I signed up to learn even more. I was not disappointed.  

I can’t begin to describe the benefit of the network and training. The knowledge I obtained in the WIND Conference has allowed me to successfully navigate the appraisal clause in many scenarios.

I have! I attended in order to certify and rub shoulders with some of the appraisal clause elite in the industry.

Of course! The knowledge I have gleaned from the network and their members has allowed me to shine in the industry and appraisal clauses. The knowledge of how the process works has opened more opportunities to be added to other appraiser’s umpire panel.

I would encourage adjusters on the Western side of the country to participate (not just Florida!)

wish they knew WIND is not just for “Wind” claims but for any type of appraisal clause/dispute.

This is a valuable network with very supportive members. It is always good to keep your tools sharp and fresh.

I see many newer adjusters and professionals not being trained in the ‘art’ of the appraisal clause. I also see industry trends such as “photo only inspections” and “drone inspections” that will lead to more and more disputes in the near future.

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