What is the WIND Umpire Review Committee?

The WIND Umpire Review Committee reviews complaints regarding violations of the WIND Umpire Directory application guidelines or the WIND Code of Ethics for Umpires in Insurance Disputes. The committee and the Windstorm Insurance Network will NOT review complaints regarding the substance or outcome of any appraisal or the deliberations of the appraisers and umpire.

Please note that it is up to the parties selecting an umpire to check references and credentials and to arrange any payments for services. WIND does not endorse or guarantee the qualifications of any of the listed umpires, nor makes recommendations for any of the listed umpires.

How to File a Complaint with the WIND Umpire Review Committee

Please email the forms to admin@windnetwork.com.


We look forward to any comments or inquiries you may have regarding these processes. Questions, please contact us at 804-905-WIND or admin@windnetwork.com.