These materials are made available to those who registered for the January 31, 2024 or February 1, 2024 Appraiser Certification Workshop.

Click below to download the documents:

WIND Appraiser Certification Workshop PPT

WIND Appraiser Code of Ethics

First Party Insurance Appraisal Compendium, 2014, Prepared by members of the American College of Coverage Counsel and shared with the Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc.

Following successful completion of the workshop, you can apply to become a WIND Certified Appraiser®. You must attend both workshop sessions to qualify: make sure you scan to in to both sessions.

After the conference, attendees who scanned into and attended both workshop sessions will receive an application for the certification. To prepare for your application, make sure your WIND Membership is current ( and request a security/background check from one of the following:
FDLE (Florida residents only)

You will be asked to upload the results of your background check when completing the application.

The fee for the 2024-2027 certification designation is $250. If you are also applying for an Umpire certification designation, the application fee is $500 for both.