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Who We Are: WIND

Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) is a member association and annual conference founded in 1999 to bring together both defense and policyholder professionals to connect, learn, and engage on important topics in the property/windstorm insurance claims industry. WIND was incorporated as a 501C(3) on September 16, 1999, the same day Hurricane Floyd hit the Eastern United States. It was a fitting start date for an educational association created for property and windstorm insurance claims industry professionals.

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Why We Do it

Our purpose is to bring together both the defense and policyholder property insurance claims representatives to learn more, achieve more, do more,  and be more for the industry and consumers. 

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What We Do

We provide educational training, continuing education, professional development, credential programs, and networking opportunities to enhance the individual and the industry.

How We Do It

We offer membership programs, host an annual conference, provide certifications and credentials, and give back through community outreach and educational scholarships to further enhance claims professionals and the property and windstorm insurance claims industry.



The WIND Board of Directors, Past Presidents and Committees play a strong role in the leadership and long range planning of WIND.

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​​​Certifications and Designations

The WIND Credential Programs offers two certifications, the WIND Certified Appraiser and WIND Certified Umpire and two designations, the WIND Fellow and the WIND Professional that validate and enhance the property insurance claims professional and industry. Since 2003, thousands of professionals have obtained these career-enhancing credentials that further their visibility and recognition.