Who We Are

The Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing education and training, and to promoting a cooperative dialogue among professionals concerned with property/windstorm insurance claims issues.

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Our Mission

To promote awareness of property/windstorm insurance claims issues through the application of educational initiatives, shared member resources, and technology designed to support and improve the professional delivery of property/windstorm-related insurance claims services.


• To foster cooperation among interested individuals and groups regarding coordination of property/windstorm insurance and claims practices.

• To provide education and training on  property/windstorm insurance claims issues.

• To review and support new laws and legislative proposals regarding property/windstorm insurance claims issues.


• To assist in the proposal and enactment of appropriate legislation concerning property/windstorm insurance claims issues.

• To unite for the support and mutual benefit of those public officials and private persons engaged in or affected by the property/windstorm insurance claims industry.

• To provide for the availability and exchange of information, resources and technology to address property/windstorm insurance claims issues


• To cooperate with governmental resources and agencies, along with other interested associations or groups to assess property/windstorm insurance claims issues.

• To encourage high professional and ethical standards of conduct among property/windstorm insurance industry claims participants.

• To provide public education and awareness of property/windstorm insurance claims issues and to promote complete and fully informed underwriting sales and claims handling between insurers and insureds.