WIND Committees

WIND Membership/Professional Designation 

Mission: To promote, and recognize, the interests of those committed to the windstorm insurance industry; to increase and enhance WIND’s perception in the windstorm insurance claim industry and other core groups through increased membership and attendance at WIND conferences; to manage and promote WIND’s FELLOW and PROFESSIONAL level designations among industry professionals, increasing awareness of, applications to and participation in the program.

Chair, Lori Flenniken 

Florida Intracoastal Underwriters, Ltd


Conference Program

Mission: To plan and execute a successful annual Windstorm Insurance Conference incorporating WIND’s themes of education, professional development and networking opportunities.

WIND 2021 Symposium Chair
Gina Clausen Lozier
Berger Singerman

Long Range Planning

Mission: To evaluate and assess WIND’s overall organizational goals and objectives in one, three, five and ten year time objectives.

Chair, Beau Kron
Kron Claims

Insurance and Legal
Chair, Brent Winans
Clear Advantage Risk Management

Committee Member:
Susan Harwood

WIND Umpire and Appraiser Education and Review

Mission: To make recommendations to the WIND Board concerning the application/certification/renewal process, the WIND Umpire Guidelines, and the WIND Codes of Ethics. It also oversees and addresses complaints against umpires through its complaint committee. The WIND President serves as the fifth complaint committee member. 

Chair, Justin Whedbee
Frontier Adjusters

Co-Chair, Wayne Taylor
Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins LLP

Committee Members:
Janet Brown, John Voelpel, Jon Doan, Dick Tutwiler, Art Newman, and Michael Ruskin

Mission: To evaluate/address new issues and changes to WIND’s Bylaws as necessary for Board approval and membership votes.

Chair, Nicole Vinson, Esquire
Stockham Law Group, P.A.

Past Presidents

Mission: Comprised of past presidents of WIND, this committee provides continuity and promotes the institutional knowledge of WIND. It also acts to address issues as directed by the President of WIND.

Chair, John Voelpel III
Voelpel Claim Service

Mission: To propose a slate of officers and members of the BOD for the next election pursuant to the authority of  Article III, Section 5

Chair, Christina May Bolin
Christian & Small, LLP